Some Home Remedies For Hair Removal On Body

Some Home Remedies For Hair Removal On Body

It is the right of women by birth to look alluring and attractive. You may have seen the women doing many things to keep their skin glowing and body in shape. They eat diet food and do the exercise to look attractive. They do many things to keep the hair healthy and shiny. But the hair that grows on the body does not look alluring at all. In fact, they ruin the whole beauty of a woman. So the girls always look for the better ways to remove the hair grown on their body. Today, we will discuss a few Home Remedies For Hair Removal On Body.

Remedies For Hair Removal:

It is interesting that the girls search for the remedies to grow hair but at the same time they want to find ways to get rid of body hair permanently. It is not unusual to have body hair as everyone has the hair under his/her armpits and genital area, etc. Men have hair on arms and legs. But they do not need to worry about removing it. The problem is for the girls who have to remove hair from their arms and legs, etc. In fact, the unwanted facial and body hairs are embarrassing. So you need Home Remedies For Hair Removal On Body.

Following are some home remedies that can help you in this regard:

·         Raw Papaya Remedy:

Take raw papaya and turmeric powder. Peel and slice the papaya. Make a pulp by grinding it and then add some turmeric to the pulp to make a paste. Apply this paste to the unwanted hair and leave for at least 20 minutes. Then wash it with water. You should repeat the process twice in a week to get better results. 

·         Sugar Wax Remedy:

Take two tablespoon sugar, ten tablespoon water, and two tablespoon lemon juice. Mix the sugar into the water until it dissolves completely. Then add lemon juice and mix it well. After that apply the mixture on the facial hair and leave it for few minutes. Then wash it off with water. By repeating the process twice in the week, you will start noticing the reduction in facial hair.

·         Gram Flour Remedy:

Another remedy for unwanted hair is that, take some gram flour, add turmeric powder in it then add some milk or cream to make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it for twenty minutes. Then rub it with your hands, and it will remove the lighter hair from your face.

·         Egg White Remedy:

Take egg white and sugar and corn flour to it. Stir it to make a paste then apply this paste on your face. Let the paste dry for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then peel off the mask slowly as it may cause pain. Repeat the process two or three times in a week.

There are various home remedies that can help you to remove the unwanted hair. You will get the results if you do the procedure regularly.