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How to Select the Right Mattress Pad?

By on March 23, 2017

Often times a mattress can lose some of its cushion and life over the years. You might wake up in the morning thinking to yourself, how you are ever going to get a good night’s rest if your bed feels like a wooden plank? Luckily there is a solution to this very common problem. Simply adding a mattress pad from to your bed will add comfort and cushion to your seemingly lifeless bed. No need to invest in a whole new mattress right away when there is the option of a pad.

General features of the mattress pad

  • A mattress pad is usually about 1 inch in thickness and has a skirt like material that wraps under the mattress to help keep it in place. It is then covered with a fitted bed sheet. The normal mattress is usually 12 inches in thickness, so the pad has a skirt bigger than 14 inches guaranteeing that it fits correctly and lies nicely. It adds an additional layer of warmth and comfort to your bed.
  • Another option of adding life to your mattress would be a mattress topper. It is similar to a pad; both are light and airy and designed to sit upon your bed. The only difference between the two being that a mattress topper lacks the anchoring system. Because both the mattress pad and topper are supposed to be light, the mattress pad is usually the better option because of the anchoring bands of
  • The best mattress pad and featherbed are very different products. The featherbed is usually 2 to 3 inches thick and filled with goose or duck. The pad is chosen when a lighter layer of softness is needed.
  • A good Mattress Pad is the route to go when shopping to add comfort and luxury to your mattress. Used by only the finest resorts and hotels, this silky feeling is the finest luxury down alternative that one can find. Best mattress pad is a specially designed luxury down alternative used to mimic the qualities of down; still providing you with a relaxing nights rest.
  • The   good Mattress Pad is considered the hotel style because of the fact that it is only used in the most luxurious resorts and hotels. The very durable yet soft luxurious hotel mattress pad, made of cambric cotton fabric, can be machine washed and dried over and over again lasting for many years.
  • Along with washing and drying, it is recommended that you put your  mattress pad in the dryer for 10 minutes about once a month to give it some fluff. This will ensure that you aren’t sleeping on that dreaded wooden plank.

There is lot of companies who carries a diversity of sizes ranging from twin to any kind of sizes.   The wide selection of hotel style mattress pads makes it possible for all customers to have the ability to add a little life to their old mattress. It doesn’t have to be every once in a while that you get a good night’s rest; you can have that hotel luxury every night when you lay down for bed.


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