All About Traditional Cheese Knife Features

When it comes the category of Damascus knives then these traditional cheese knives always come on top discussed ranking. These knives are designed and primarily manufactured so that cheese pieces can be cut down. These knives are made in lots of variations so that both soft and hard cheese can be cut into pieces easily. You can try this same version of the knife to cut vegetables and fruits as well. This cheese knife can smoothly cut potatoes, tomatoes. This knife is a must-have if you want to entertain yourself with a piece of cheese. This knife has almost redefined the cutting edge technology. It is designed genuinely in a way so that all soft and hard pieces of cheese can be glide through easily. Its blade perforations completely prevent the sticking part. The rounded tip of a traditional cheese knife can spread soft cheese on the pieces of bread in an even way.

Wide Cheese Cutting Knife

We have wide cheese knives in the market and they are also called putty knife. This wide knife is only used to cut the hard cheese. Do you know that Parmesan, Emmentaler as well as aged cheddars, Asiago and too manchego- all of them are one of the popular hard cheeses and to cut them into pieces, you can use this wide cheese knife. To use this knife, you have to place it vertically and then you can push down it.

Thin Cheese Cutting Knife

Next, we have thin cheese cutting knife and it is used to cut the semi-hard cheese. Like we have Comte, Edam and we have cheddar, provolone, then we have Swiss, Gouda, Roquefort- all of them are popular and famous semi-hard cheese versions. This knife has this sharp edge which is present on both of its side ends.

Pointed cheese cutting knife

This knife which is a pointed cheese cutting knife, it is only used and incorporated to cut a semi-hard cheese or to cut down a semi-soft cheese. You can use this specific knife for the purpose of spreading soft cheese right on crackers and bread.

Cheese Fork

The cheese form is logically been used to pick up cheese which has been cut down. The second purpose served by this cheese fork is to break up all crumbly cheeses like that of Stilton or feta so that you can put up crumbly cheese pieces on salads.

Factors to Consider while buying a traditional cheese knife?

  • It should have an exclusive micro double-D edge feature. The presence of perforations is a must. These perforations will hold your traditional cheese knife blade surface.
  • The handle of your traditional cheese knife should be ergonomic because this universal handle design can fit in all small and left or in right hands. Such a handle design can keep your thumb as well as forefinger in a lockable position so that you can safely and in a controlled way use this cheese knife. Any cheese knife should be designed on the fatigue-resistant properties.
  • Its blade should be able to extend full length so that more and added extra strength and too balance can be given to the knife holder.

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