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Appealing A Life Insurance Claim Denial

April 24, 2017
Life Insurance Claim Denial


As a matter of fact, life insurance companies might refuse your insurance claims for quite a few reasons. Breakdown to disburse life insurance premiums may be one of the causes why an insurer chooses to refuse a claim for benefits. Apart from this, the insurance company might also not grant you the profits if you are not listed as one of the receivers of the policy. Maybe the reason of the policy holder’s bereavement is not covered by the conditions and states of the policy.

However, you ought to be cautious that there are instances of Life Insurance Claim Denial that are entrenched merely on business gluttony and deception. If you think that the refusal of the claims is unfair and irrational or reckon yourself as a dupe of possible deception, you have the right to dispute the refutation of the claim.

How To Appeal A Life Insurance Claim Denial?

Here are a few steps that can be really helpful for you to appeal for an insurance claim denial:

  • Place all life insurance policy papers consecutively and accustom yourself with the conditions and settings of the policy. Attach to any paperwork that indicates your interactions with the insurance company and all evidence of imbursement to the insurance corporation.
  • Get in touch with the insurance contributor and have talk to the supervisor of the adjuster who really discarded the claim. Inform them that you think that the refutation of your claim is done without any good basis and ask for a convincing clarification for the refutation. If there are any necessary papers that you can resend to the corporation, like notarized duplicate of the policy holder’s bereavement certificate, then re-send it. If you still at chances with the refusal of the policy, then ask for the certified facsimile of the policy.
  • Also ask them to evaluate the life insurance claim. Propel them a letter describing your causes why you think that the refusal was absurdly made. Tag on any copies of significant documents that could support the claim. Wait for ten business days and contact the insurance company to see if the life insurance claim has been re-opened. If not, ensue to the subsequent steps.
  • Make a call or visit the insurance department or the insurance commission in your city where the life insurance policy was issued. Look for the contact information for the insurance department in the telephone index or by doing an internet search.
  • Submit a finished form to have the inappropriate Life Insurance Claim Denial You can also download the application form to dispute an irrational insurance pronouncement on most insurance department websites. You can also get in touch with the department and request for the form. Furthermore, do not forget to point out essential information for example the sort of claim, policy number, the claim number, name of the insurance corporation, and a concise report of your quandary and suggested practical solutions.
  • File the grievance of indecent refutation to the insurance department along with your supporting papers, policy facts and correspondence to observe the claim.